We've been using Osburne Plumbing for many years. I'd recommend them and have done so many times. I know when I call them I'm going to have a good result. Hands down the best plumbing service we've used in the Inland Empire.

Mark Brettnacher

This plumber is honest and doesn't take advantage of you

Joyce Osburn

When other plumbers were quoting ridiculous amounts for a water regulator installation, Osborn did not. He kept it real and gave us a fair quote. He is professional and knowledgeable.


Very knowledgeable and cost efficient. Not your ordinary basic plumber. Will definitely use again.

julio figueroa

Quality service & good price. Keep up the good work

Kang 634 K

These guys were fantastic , They came when they said they would and they charged what they said they would and they were very very friendly I will use them for any other repairs

wesley hall

Use this plumber! I called them on short notice with a clogged shower drain. Terry was awesome on the phone and her husband was here 10 minutes after we got off the phone! Left my shower unclogged, warrantied the work for a week, and left my bathroom CLEAN! These people are awesome to work with and I won't hesitate to call them for any of my needs. Oh...and the bill was ridiculous low! Use them!

Christina Nigh

We called at 7am and was told we might not be able to get someone until late afternoon. However, we were called back at 9am and worked with to get a time much earlier than any other company could offer on such short notice. Also, it was such a joy to talk with the customer service. Incredibly friendly.

The service itself was as quick as could have been hoped (they had to go through the outside wall to fix a leak). When we got the price, I was floored with how inexpensive it all was. The entire experience from call to fix was so much smoother than I could have ever hoped. Thank you, Osburn for taking away the stress of this process on an already stressful day!

Jonathan Bennett

Excellent experience with Osburn Plumbing. We won't go anywhere else.

c Mills

Excellent customer service, fast response time, and good prices.

terrie osburn